OCP Update

The City of Kimberley is in the final stages of a major update to the Official Community Plan (OCP), the first comprehensive review since 2005.  Council approved first reading of the proposed OCP Bylaw 2600 at the December 11th Regular Council Meeting to initiate the formal bylaw review and public hearing process for the updated OCP.  Second reading was approved at the January 22nd Regular Council Meeting.

A Public Hearing for the proposed OCP will be held at the the McKim School Theatre (689 Rotary Drive) at 7pm on Monday, February 19th 2018. If you believe that your interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw, you may:

  1. Submit written presentations by e-mail to OCP@kimberley.ca, fax 250-427-5252 or drop-off at Kimberley City Hall - 340 Spokane Street, ATTN: Troy Pollock, by 3pm, February 19, 2018, or
  2. Submit written and/or verbal presentations at the hearing.

The primary objectives of the OCP review and update project included:

  • Refresh and confirm community's vision for land use and development;
  • Develop clear and concise content to guide planning decisions;
  • Improve mapping and layout, review development permit areas and guidelines;
  • Align land use policy with asset management and infrastructure planning;
  • Set a clear framework for implementation and tracking progress.

The main components of the OCP update process included:

  • Background review and policy gap analysis (October 2015 to January 2016).
  • Community consultation (launched January 2016 continued throughout project);
  • Draft revised OCP and mapping (February 2016 – May 2017);
  • Infrastructure overview (March – April 2017);
  • Community review of draft revised OCP (June – September 2017);
  • Refine draft OCP and mapping (October – November 2017);
  • Formal bylaw review and public hearing process (begin December 2017).

A range of strategies were used to engage community members in the OCP review and update including the "OCP in a week" sessions, community survey, PlaceSpeak discussions, open house, email and phone conversations. Overall, it is estimated that more than 1400 participants, responses and submissions were involved and considered in the review. 

A summary of key outcomes and policy directions in the proposed OCP include:

  • Prioritize infill development and redevelopment in areas with infrastructure capacity;
  • Remove proposed southern boundary extension areas;
  • Increase land area designated for industrial and commercial uses to support employment growth, business attraction, and expansion opportunities;
  • Increase land area designated for parks, recreation and open space uses;
  • Designate a portion of the City-owned Marysville Benchlands property for future industrial development excluding the perimeter (Volksmarch) trail, hillsides and other portions not suitable for development;
  • Concise and clear content – overall reduction from 121 down to 60 pages, Development Permit  guidelines reduced from about 330 to 101 (36 to 15 pages);
  • Simplified land use plan 23 to 6 categories;
  • User-friendly web-based text and maps to improve ease of access and understanding to important planning and land use information; 
  • A set of 25 indicators for tracking and regularly reporting progress and impacts of implementing the Plan’s objectives and policies.

Significant Infrastructure Projects


What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

An OCP is Kimberley’s highest-level policy document. It will inform and guide how the community grows for the next 20 years. The OCP will help to integrate decisions on transportation, the environment, community facilities, and social and economic planning.

Why update the Plan?

Kimberley has changed in the last 12 years since the existing OCP was updated and the Plan must therefore adapt to growth and associated land use changes. The updated OCP should reflect current and anticipate future, local needs, vision, and values.

Who uses an OCP?

City Council, city staff, developers, professionals, and the public use an OCP – all for different reasons. The public may use an OCP to gain a better understanding of local issues and how they plan to be addressed, while the policy helps City staff and council to encourage development in alignment with the long-term goals and vision of the community.

For more information please contact Planning Services at 250.427.5311 or planning@kimberley.ca