OCP Update

The City of Kimberley is currently undertaking a major update to their Official Community Plan. There have been some minor amendments made over the past 12 years; however, no substantive changes have been made to keep up-to-date with changes in the community and other planning initiatives the City has undertaken.

Public involvement is core to the development of the plan to address communal challenges and identify key opportunities. A draft update to the OCP is ready for further review and feedback from community members. It is anticipated that a final draft of the OCP will be formally considered by council in the fall of 2017. Until then, the City will continue to gather feedback on the draft update prior to the formal OCP bylaw review process in the fall:

  • Questions or comments on the draft update to the OCP, the proposed Wastewater Treatment Facility, and the Downtown Strategy may be submitted by email to planning@kimberley.ca.



What is an Official Community Plan (OCP)?

An OCP is Kimberley’s highest-level policy document. It will inform and guide how the community grows for the next 20 years. The OCP will help to integrate decisions on transportation, the environment, community facilities, and social and economic planning.

Why update the Plan?

Kimberley has changed in the last 12 years since the existing OCP was updated and the Plan must therefore adapt to growth and associated land use changes. The updated OCP should reflect current and anticipate future, local needs, vision, and values.

Who uses an OCP?

City Council, city staff, developers, professionals, and the public use an OCP – all for different reasons. The public may use an OCP to gain a better understanding of local issues and how they plan to be addressed, while the policy helps City staff and council to encourage development in alignment with the long-term goals and vision of the community.

Why is public input needed?

An OCP update requires public involvement from the beginning to the end of the update process. This document is about future growth and development in Kimberley and community input from residents of all ages and walks of life is incorporated into the plan. A community building document is a success when built in partnership with the community.


For more information please contact Planning Services at 250.427.5311 or planning@kimberley.ca