Outdoor Burning

Need to clear your land with fire, or want to build a barbecue pit in your back yard? Make sure you do it right – and with permission. All outdoor burning within the City of Kimberley is regulated under Bylaw No. 2364 and must be approved by the Kimberley Fire Department.

The following burning requirements are regulated under the Bylaw:

Special occasion burning permits will be issued by the Fire Chief for:
Fires in parks or recreation areas
Burns for land clearing
Approved barbeque pits for cooking purposes

It is unlawful to:

  • Burn without a permit
  • Burn construction materials
  • Burn yard debris
  • Burn in an outside barrel or outside incinerator

All approved burning within the City of Kimberley must be supervised at all times and have sufficient equipment on site to extinguish or control the fire.