Sun Mine

Kimberley’s Sun Mine project is a unique initiative that will see Kimberley constructing the first on-grid large solar plant in BC and the largest solar power plant in Western Canada. The City of Kimberley will construct a 1.05 Mega Watt Peak (MWp) grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant on a brownfield in Kimberley, owned by Teck Metals – the former industrial lands for the Sullivan Mine. The solar energy produced will be fed into a nearby transmission line and sold back into BC Hydro’s power grid. This 1.05 MWp project is intended to provide a platform that can be expanded to up to 200 MWp in the future.

The proposed Sun Mine project aligns with our recently completed Imagine Kimberley Community Sustainability Plan, which, among many other objectives, encourages a move toward meeting more of the community’s energy needs by use of renewable energy sources and toward a more adaptable and resilient economy based on efficient technologies, sustainable resources and innovative industries. The Sun Mine initiative demonstrates leadership and commitment toward a more sustainable future for Kimberley.

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SunMine Referendum - Frequently Asked Questions


Ground Breaking - Press Release - July 7, 2014

SunMine has been jointly developed by Kimberley, EcoSmart, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, and Teck Resources Limited, the former operator of the Sullivan Mine and owner of the industrial site.