The City of Kimberley would like to invite Kimberley residents to view and provide comments on information related to deliberation of the 2021-2025 Financial Plan.

Please see links below for presentations related to the plan. The information provides details on the proposed operating and capital expenses for the upcoming five years which ultimately informs the level of revenue that needs to be collected through various sources including property taxes, user fees and grants to fund the expenditures.

The Five Year Financial Plan is a tool that allows for informed scheduling of proposed community projects based on the availability of limited resources such as funding and internal manpower.

The information currently available at the links below is preliminary until it is aggregated and adopted by Council as the 2021-2025 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw prior to the legislated deadline of May 15, 2021.  Until that time, the City would like to invite Kimberley residents to review the available information and provide input.

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, public input can be provided in writing to Jim Hendricks, Chief Financial Officer, by email -

Please follow the links below to review the information and provide your input into this very important process.

2021 Information and Documents

Revenue Policy Overview - November 16, 2020

Operating Budget Changes - February 1, 2021

Operating and Capital Budget Changes - March 1, 2021

2021-2025 Capital and Non-Capital Project Plan - (Approved November 2, 2020)

2020 Information and Documents

2020-2024 Financial Plan Deliberations Presentation - New Operating and Capital Budget Changes - April 6, 2020

Council Consideration of a 0% Municipal Property Tax Collection - April 14, 2020

Consideration of the Implementation of an Alternative Municipal Tax Collection Scheme - April 14th, 2020

2019 Information and Documents

Revenue Policy Overview - presented at the October 21, 2019 Special Meeting of Council

Capital & Non-Capital Project Plan - presented at the November 4, 2019 Special Meeting of Council

Operating Budget Changes - presented at the November 18, 2019 Special Meeting of Council

2020-2024 Financial Plan Deliberations - Continuation - presented at the December 2, 2019 Special Meeting of Council