4th Avenue Rehabilitation Project 2020

During capital plan deliberations in 2016, Council identified 4th Avenue as a priority for reconstruction. This area was prioritized as it is the most important access road for Townsite, being the only route into and out of the neighbourhood and most of the underground infrastructure had reached the end of its useful lifespan. Phase 1 of the construction project was completed in the summer of 2019 and saw the complete rehabilitation of the roadway and underground water, sewer and storm water utilities from Boundary Street to Trail Street.

Phase 2 – Spring/Summer 2020

Phase 2 of the 4th Avenue project is currently underway - with construction taking place from Trail Street to Cranbrook Street. City contractors began work during the week of April 20th and the project has an estimated completion date of October 1, 2020. 

The project will consist of paving, replacement of water, sewer, and storm water utilities, improvements to drainage and an extension of the multi-use pathway from McDougall Crescent to Tadenac Blvd. The project will result in a more resilient water distribution system, improved storm water management, improved sewer collection and a more connected and accessible multi-use pathway.

We are committed to keeping residents informed as this project progresses. Residents can view the latest project updates below.

This overhead view shows the entire phase 2 construction area. 

Improving the City of Kimberley’s Active Transportation Network

A portion of this project includes paving the 4th Avenue multi-use pathway. Similar to the Norton Ave roadside multi-use path, this project will extend the current pathway from McDougall Crescent to Tadenac Blvd and help ensure safe active transport for pedestrians, cyclists, motorized wheelchairs and other forms of active transport. With no existing path in this area, the proposed extension will improve safety and accessibility for all users, support healthy active living and encourage shifting to alternative modes of travel to help reduce traffic and parking demand in the downtown area. The City of Kimberley is committed to snow clearing on the pathway extension and ensuring it is clear and safe for users throughout the year.

Overhead view of the pathway extension.

These drawings outline the existing pathway and the changes that will take place as a result of the pathway extension. 

On-going Project Updates

The City of Kimberley aims to keep the public informed at all phases of this capital project. We will post all project updates here.

Update September 1, 2020

Installation of both water and sewer lines are complete throughout 4th Ave. Storm water lines are also complete with work continuing on catch basin installs on the 500/600 block. This block is being prepared for curb installation during the first week of September. Road reconstruction is also ongoing on the 500/600 block in preparation for paving. 

Update July 30, 2020

Stage #1 and #2 are now complete in the Phase #2 4th Ave Rehabilitation Project. Paving is complete up to Rossland Blvd with full access to the Kimberley Health Centre and Garden View Village restored. Phases 2-5 are still underway. 

Update June 23, 2020

The 4th Avenue project is progressing well and is on schedule. Fortis Gas is on site this week making some adjustments to their infrastructure prior to the road completion. Trail Street to Tadanac Street is being prepared for curbing now that the road base is complete in that section. Curbing and asphalt are expected to be installed in July.

The contractor is currently working on the Tadanac Street to Cranbrook Street section of 4th Avenue installing new water, sewer and storm water infrastructure.

Here are some images of progress to date:

Road grade building almost complete on 400 block of 4th Ave.

Water main installation near Tadanac St. on 4th Ave.

Sewer main installation on 4th Ave. and Tadanac St.

Update May 1, 2020

For the duration of the 4th Ave Rehabilitation Project, all roadways affected by the construction will see speed limits reduced to 30 km/hour This is being implemented to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and crews in the area. Thank you for respecting posted signage and for your continued cooperation

Update April 20, 2020

Notice of Construction – 4th Avenue Rehabilitation Phase II 

Images of 4th Ave Rehabilitation Project progress to date. We look forward to updating these images throughout the project.