Strategic Goals and Priorities 2019 - 2022

Kimberley residents envision a thriving, sustainable, exciting community – one that combines great culture, a strong local economy, and a healthy natural environment. We’re looking toward the future with optimism, and we want to take positive steps to making this the best city it can be.

The City of Kimberley’s Corporate Strategic Plan provides overall direction and sets strategic goals and priorities to focus the City’s limited resources to best support the community’s vision and the provision of services desired by the citizens of Kimberley. It identifies what Council believes are the most important directions, initiatives or projects that the City should pursue at this time in order to work towards the community vision described in the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

Community Vision

The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan created through a consultative and collaborative process involving a large number of Kimberley residents, identifies five central elements of our community vision.

  • Enriching Community Life – Kimberley is an inclusive, welcoming community with a strong sense of place and high quality of life.
  • Enhancing the Tourism Experience – Kimberley connects thousands of visitors with authentic and genuine Kimberley activities and local places.
  • Ensuring Economic Viability – Kimberley’s economy is robust and further diversified into learning, professional services, health, light industry, and tourism.
  • Protecting the Environment – Kimberley continues to value and ultimately protect the beautiful natural surroundings in which it is situated.
  • Partnering and Collaborating – Kimberley’s success is built on rich partnerships and an inclusive, collaborative approach to community decision-making.

Strategic Goals and Priorities

Kimberley City Council met in 2019 to develop a set of Strategic Goals and Priorities for their four-year term of office. These priorities will assist staff in the development of annual departmental work plans. While Council realizes that the priorities will change with time, it is Council's plan to provide for a process of strategic thinking with the strong belief that Kimberley residents will benefit from this consistent practice.

The following five priority outcomes were established:

  • Infrastructure Renewal
  • Financial Accountability
  • Emphasis on Core Services
  • Reducing Our Environmental Impact
  • Facilitating a Diverse Economy