Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

The City of Kimberley has adopted the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) as our highest-level guide for decision-making. It articulates Kimberley’s vision for a bright, sustainable future – and strategies for making that future a reality.

Community Vision

The ISCP was created through a consultative and collaborative process involving a large number of Kimberley residents, and it identifies five central elements of our community vision.

  • Enriching Community Life – Kimberley is an inclusive, welcoming community with a strong sense of place and high quality of life.
  • Enhancing the Tourism Experience – Kimberley connects thousands of visitors with authentic and genuine Kimberley activities and local places.
  • Ensuring Economic Viability – Kimberley’s economy is robust and further diversified into learning, professional services, health, light industry, and tourism.
  • Protecting the Environment – Kimberley continues to value and ultimately protect the beautiful natural surroundings in which it is situated.
  • Partnering and Collaborating – Kimberley’s success is built on rich partnerships and an inclusive, collaborative approach to community decision-making.

Each of these priorities is equally important and complementary to the other, and all actions and initiatives must support the values upheld in these five priorities.

Strategy Areas

The community’s vision of a sustainable community is further defined in the ICSP through detailed vision statements in ten strategy areas that broadly encompass all the systems that operate within any community. These strategy areas are:

  • Arts, Culture, and Heritage
  • Buildings and Sites
  • Community and Individual Health
  • Economy and Work
  • Education
  • Energy, Water, and Waste Systems
  • Food
  • Land Use and Natural Areas
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Transportation and Mobility

Achieving Sustainability

Achieving sustainability is an ongoing process that involves balancing multiple objectives. Accordingly, the City of Kimberley’s decisions should not only serve to move Kimberley toward the community’s vision of success described in the ICSP, but must provide flexibility for future change and a reasonable return on investments considering financial, social, cultural and environmental impacts.