Official Community Plan

Kimberley is a community enjoying outstanding quality of life in harmony with nature and each other.

Kimberley’s Official Community Plan is a comprehensive overview of Kimberley’s goals, objectives and policies that help to define our community.

Its purpose is to articulate a framework for success through thoughtful development, attention to social, cultural, educational, and health needs, environmental stewardship, reliable infrastructure, effective governance, and an engaged and informed population.

The plan was created in 2005, shortly after Kimberley began its transition from a mining economy to a tourist economy. It has helped to ensure that local decision-making takes a long-term view of Kimberley’s success as a community.

OCP Amendments

Any proposed amendments to the OCP are reviewed by staff and Council prior to a public hearing through which Council can receive feedback from the community on any proposed changes. The decision process is similar to a zoning amendment and sometimes both OCP and zoning amendments are required and considered concurrently by Council.

It is recommended that you arrange a meeting with a Planning Services staff person to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application. Please call Planning Services at 250.427.5311 or to arrange an appointment.


OCP Amendment Application

Download the application form HERE


For more information, please contact:

Planning Services
Phone: 250.427.5311