Why Kimberley?

There's no single reason to do business in Kimberley. Instead, there's a collection.

Here’s the deal. There are great people. It's a good little city.  It’s close to what’s needed, and even closer to what matters.

Kimberley offers central access to a regional market with over 70,000 people!

Housing is competitively affordable. The city and regional market is brimming with strong sectors and business opportunities. There's an international airport only minutes from the city. There’s an incredible array of recreational opportunities just out the back door.

Our established local businesses agree that Kimberley is a great place to own and operate a business. Overall 90% of local business in the City say that they are satisfied doing business in Kimberley and that they are more satisfied than a year ago. Plus, 43% of businesses indicated in a recent survey that they are planning to expand in the next two years. 

But that’s not all. Super sunny? Check. Healthy and safe? Check. Clean, fresh and a quintessential Canadian mountain city? Check. Warm community, caring for its future? Check. The nation’s most independent restaurants per capita? Check. Highest city in Canada and world’s largest free standing cuckoo clock? Check, check. A hint of eccentricity? Check.

All that’s required here is imagination, aspiration and an eagerness to make things happen.

The City of Kimberley is motivated and keen to connect with businesses and individuals looking to invest here. We think it’s a good place to be: to be in business, be settled down, be seeking adventure, or be inventing and innovating differently in a top-notch community.

The opportunity is yours.

Let’s discover how Kimberley might be a great fit for your story. Contact us at today!

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