Maps & Zoning

Maps & Zoning

Zoning is a way of regulating the use of land by designating properties for a specific use or range of uses, density, siting and building form – for example, whether a property can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and what kind of building can be located on it.

Kimberley has two Zoning Bylaws - Bylaw 1850 which applies to most properties in Kimberley and Bylaw 2016 which applies to properties in the alpine resort area.

Confirm the zoning of any property in Kimberley and find other helpful information (such as dimensions, assessed value, utilities, etc.) by entering the property address at this link

View the overall Zoning Map (Bylaw 1850 and 2016 combined) at this link

View the Zoning Bylaws (No. 1850 and No. 2016) at this link

Please note that Zoning Bylaws are not the only regulatory tool that may affect the use or development of your property. Other municipal bylaws may be applicable and it is very important to review your property records for any restrictions or requirements that may be registered on title.  Properties in strata developments are usually subject to additional strata rules.

For more information or assistance to confirm the zoning of a particular property, please contact:
Planning Services
Phone: 250-427-5311