Climate Action & Sustainability

Kimberley has a vision of a bright, sustainable future – one that combines a strong local economy, great amenities, a vibrant cultural scene, and a healthy natural environment. That vision is articulated in Kimberley’s Official Community Plan (OCP) which informs and guides the City of Kimberley’s decision-making processes.

Achieving sustainability is an ongoing process that involves balancing multiple objectives. Accordingly, the City of Kimberley’s decisions should not only serve to move Kimberley toward the community’s vision of success as described in the OCP, but must provide flexibility for future change and a reasonable return on investments considering financial, social, cultural and environmental impacts.

The Planning Services Department is responsible for developing and implementing strategies, policies, and regulations to guide community growth and development – so that we keep aligned with our community’s vision for the future.

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Follow this link to view water conservation information and the City of Kimberley Water Conservation Plan.