Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Priorities

Our Vision

Kimberley is a forward-thinking community that manages its resources so that residents can enjoy their chosen lifestyle while also ensuring that future generations can do the same.

Our Mission

The City of Kimberley will enhance the quality of life for residents and the experiences of visitors by providing and advocating for community services, and by acting as a catalyst and partner in the development of the region.

Our Values

City Council and all City Employees commit to:

  • Being accountable, responsive and transparent
  • Being progressive, proactive and principled
  • Ensuring that all City services are efficient, effective and environmentally-responsible
  • Placing the welfare of the community at large above special or personal interests
  • Conducting themselves professionally and ethically at all times

2023 - 2026 Strategic Priorities

  • Infrastructure Renewal
  • Financial Accountability
  • Environmental Protection
  • Inclusivity and Civility
  • Economic Resiliency
  • Risk Management