Development Permits & Variances

Major construction and renovation projects – new construction, additions or exterior alterations to commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential buildings – require a Development Permit, as well as a Building Permit. Construction must not begin until all permits have been obtained.

Why two permits?

While a Building Permit ensures compliance with building codes and construction standards, a Development Permit ensures compliance with development guidelines, servicing standards, zoning and other municipal requirements.

It may specify conditions respecting the siting, form, exterior design and finish of buildings; the landscaping; environmental protection; and protection from hazardous conditions. Development Permits may also impose conditions regarding the sequencing and timing of construction.

Development Permit Guide and Application

If you’re not sure what types of permits are required for your project, download and read the City of Kimberley’s Development Permit Guide. The Guide provides additional information and outlines the application process.

We recommend that you contact the Planning Services to discuss your proposal before submitting an application for a Development Permit.

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Board of Variance

Although most construction and renovations to building in Kimberley can be accomplished in compliance with relevant bylaws, from time to time unique property conditions might make this difficult. When that happens, the situation may be addressed by Kimberley’s Board of Variance (BOV). In Kimberley, BOV consists of three members of the public selected in accordance with the Local Government Act.

BOV applications are made in two instances:

  • When a landowner believes that they will suffer hardship by complying with a zoning regulation
  • When a landowner would like to make a structural alteration or addition to a non-conforming building.

If this applies to your situation, complete and submit the Board of Variance Application Form.

Variances relating to building siting, height, zoning, and other land use issues may require a Development Variance Permit Application.

For additional information regarding the Board of Variance contact:
Planning Services
Phone: 250-427-5311

Here you can read and download the Board of Variance Bylaw.

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Development Variance Permits

Building something out of the ordinary? A Development Variance Permit application is required if you wish to have particular standards or requirements of land use bylaws relaxed or varied for your specific purposes.

The types of variances requested generally relate to building siting, height, width and coverage, sign area, etc. Once the Development Variance Permit has been approved, you will require a Building Permit for construction of any buildings.

Read and download the Development Variance Permit Application Form.

Under Section 922 of the Local Government Act, Council may vary most land use bylaw requirements except those requirements pertaining to use and density. Approved Development Variance Permits are registered against the title of the property. Zoning, Subdivision and Sign Bylaw provisions may be varied if Council feels that the reasons for the variance are appropriate. Also, see the section regarding the Board of Variance as a possible option to a Development Variance Permit.

For additional information regarding Development Variance Permits contact:
Planning Services
Phone: 250-427-5311