Official Community Plan

Kimberley’s Official Community Plan was adopted in February 2018. The Plan establishes objectives and policies to guide local decisions on land use, infrastructure, environment, community facilities, transportation, social and economic issues. The OCP sets a high-level policy framework to anticipate and address future community needs. Council is also committed to collaborating with First Nations and local governments in our region to ensure that our local objectives align with their goals and the overall regional context. The Official Community Plan outlines Kimberley’s land use objectives and policies for the next 25 years to guide decisions toward the community’s desired vision for the future and to ensure that Kimberley continues as “a good place to be”.

Kimberley’s Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw 2600

The vision, objectives and policies set out in this Official Community Plan reflect and align with the vision and strategies for a sustainable future articulated in the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan. 

OCP Amendments

The objectives and policies in the OCP are established within a long-range vision for the community. In this way, the Plan provides predictability and clarity for residents, businesses, property owners and the local government. However, amendments can and should be made to respond to the community as it evolves. An overall general review should occur about every 5 to 7 years to ensure the policies remain current and applicable. And, from time to time, other specific amendments to the Plan may be considered by Council. Any proposed amendments to the OCP are reviewed by staff and Council prior to public notice and a public hearing through which Council can receive feedback from the community on any proposed changes. The decision process is similar to a zoning amendment and sometimes related OCP and zoning amendments are considered concurrently by Council.

Please contact Planning Services at 250-427-5311 or with any questions about the Official Community Plan or to discuss application requirements for any proposed amendments.

Official Community Plan Amendment Application