Other Permits and Licences

Whether you’re building a house or building a business, one of your first steps is to find out which licenses and permits you’ll need to proceed.

All development, construction, and demolition – and some renovations – require a Development Permit or a Building Permit.

Property owners are affected by zoning and rezoning regulations, which designate properties for specific uses or ranges of uses, density, siting and building form.

All businesses operating in Kimberley require a Business License, and those with signs also require Sign Permits.

Take a look at our complete inventory of City forms, licenses, permits and application guides(link is external) which you can download and complete. 

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Sign Permits

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign! Kimberley has great scenery – so the City of Kimberley maintains guidelines to make sure that signs complement it, not block it out. If you’re constructing, placing, erecting, displaying, painting, altering, repairing, or relocating a sign in Kimberley, you’ll need to obtain a permit. Signage in Kimberley should:

  • Identify individual establishments with signage that contributes to the character and interest of both the businesses and the town.
  • Be primarily orientated towards pedestrians and slow-moving traffic.
  • Encourage refinement, variety and creativity in signage without clutter.
  • Not be the most dominant visual element of the town’s commercial areas.

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