Development Permits

Major construction and renovation projects – new construction, additions or exterior alterations to commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential buildings – require a Development Permit, as well as a Building Permit. Construction must not begin until all permits have been obtained.

Why two permits?

While a Building Permit ensures compliance with building codes and construction standards, a Development Permit ensures compliance with development guidelines, servicing standards, zoning and other municipal requirements.

It may specify conditions respecting the siting, form, exterior design and finish of buildings; the landscaping; environmental protection; and protection from hazardous conditions. Development Permits may also impose conditions regarding the sequencing and timing of construction.

Zoning and subdivision

A development permit may vary or supplement zoning or subdivision bylaws; however, it may not vary permitted uses or densities of land prescribed by existing regulations.

Development Permit Guide and Application

If you’re not sure what types of permits are required for your project, download and read the City of Kimberley’s Development Permit Guide. The Guide provides additional information and outlines the application process.

We recommend that you contact the Planning Officer at 250.427.9665 to discuss your proposal before submitting an application for a Development Permit.