Sewer water comes up in a vessel only after you have discharged water (e.g. flushing the toilet, draining the sink, running a washing machine, etc.). If this happens, it indicates a blockage in the sewer line to the home and you should contact a plumber.  A video of the line should be taken if the plumber suspects the problem is with the City’s service pipe.  

It's possible for sewer water to come into the basement even if you are not discharging water in your house.  This would indicate a possible blockage in the City main line. Please contact the Operations Department at 250-427-9660 (866-541-0106 after hours).

While the City of Kimberley strives to clean and inspect all sewer main lines regularly, it is still possible for a sewer main to plug up and allow water and sewage to flow into the dwellings it serves. To avoid this unfortunate situation, we recommend that all households install a backflow preventer device on their sewer line to prevent any damage to your residence.  Please call the Operations & Environment Services Department for more information at 250.427.9660 or by email at

Please note that the City of Kimberley Bylaw No. 2415 section 8 reads, “Each owner shall be solely responsible for the installation of the sewer line, backflow preventer and the maintenance of both the sewer line and the service pipe.” (Bylaw 2427, Amnd 1)

Call Operations and Environment Services at 250.427.9660 for more information.