Kimberley is a place for free spirits – and if your dog fits that description too, you’ll be glad to know that Kimberley has two large off-leash areas to explore, in the Kimberley Nature Park and the Lois Creek Trails.

Kimberley Nature Park off-leash area

Lois Creek Trails off-leash area

Dogs in all off-leash areas must be under the verbal control of their owners, have a collar with a valid dog license attached to it. They must not act in an aggressive manner towards a person or another dog, and they must not chase or disturb any wildlife. Dogs defined as 'Vicious' are not permitted in the off-leash areas. For further information, see our page on Animal Control.

Please remember that you’re still responsible for your dog in off-leash areas. Be considerate of the safety and comfort of other trail users. And don’t forget to clean up after your pet immediately!