Appearing Before Council

Anyone wishing to appear as a delegation should submit a written request to the Corporate Officer, accompanied by background information on the issue you wish to address. The written request must be received at City Hall by noon on the Wednesday prior to the Regular Meeting, and any PowerPoint presentations or supplemental information pertaining to the delegation must also be submitted at this time.  Please download and use the Delegation Request Form and submit to

Formalities During Council Meetings

Delegations should proceed to the podium to make their presentations;
Comments at Council meetings should be directed to the Mayor or member of Council presiding at the meeting;
Introduce yourself - please clearly state your name prior to making your presentation;
The Mayor may be referred to as "Mayor ______", "Mr. Mayor"/"Madame Mayor", as the case may be;

Delegations are limited to ten (10) minutes. A delegation may only address Council once per year on one topic and not more than every three months on different topics. It is noted that an individual may represent more than one organization, thus may address Council more frequently than the foregoing guideline if representing different organizations.


To petition Council on municipal issues, the following criteria/formats should be used to ensure your petition meets the legislative requirements:

  • a statement of purpose on every page
  • the required information for each petitioner:
  • printed surname and given name or initials of the petitioner
  • the petitioner's signature
  • the date on which the petitioner signed the petition, which must be within 90 days of the petition being filed
  • the address of the petitioner's residence (must be Kimberley resident, otherwise not counted)
  • signed statement of a representative of the petitioners and the address of the representative.

Your petition should be submitted to the Corporate Officer (CO) at City Hall, 340 Spokane Street.

Kimberley City Council Regular meetings, Special Council meetings, and Committee of the Whole meetings are open to the public, and are listed on our events calendar.