Vision & Mission

Kimberley is a place where quality of life, community, and respect for our natural environment are paramount. The City of Kimberley is committed to fostering these important characteristics, as articulated in its Mission Statement, Vision, and Values.

Mission statement

The City of Kimberley will enhance the quality of life for residents and the experience of visitors by providing and advocating for community services, and by acting as a catalyst and partner in the development of the City and the region.

Our vision for the future

Kimberley is a sustainable community enjoying outstanding quality of life, in harmony with nature and each other.


Our values define how we believe we must strive to behave in order to live our Mission and achieve our Vision of becoming a sustainable community.

The Mayor, Councillors and all employees commit to:

  • Being responsive and accountable to residents
  • Involving residents in the governance of their community
  • Respecting diverse views and promoting harmony
  • Providing visionary, proactive and principled leadership
  • Placing the well-being of the community at large above special or personal interests
  • Making decisions and taking action fairly and consistently, and in accordance with the Vision, Goals and Strategic Priorities
  • Conducting themselves professionally and ethically at all times
  • Managing the affairs of the municipality openly and transparently
  • Ensuring that all city operations are necessary, effective, efficient and sustainable
  • Supporting beneficial, well planned and sustainable community development
  • Using the City’s human, financial and physical resources prudently
  • Creating and maintaining a positive, supportive and respectful workplace that encourages and values innovation and creativity
  • Operating within the means of residents