Navigating Our Website

Tips for getting the most out of your visit to


The Kimberley website is designed to quickly get you to the information you are looking for. It is also designed to display and promote the latest city news and upcoming city events. 

You will find five navigation sections along the top of the home page that represent the website’s main navigation channels. These are:

  • Our Community
  • City Services
  • City Hall
  • Business
  • Visitors

Each link, when clicked on, will take you directly to the landing page for that specific type of information.

Other features on the home page are:

  • A contact page, with links to a department and staff directory, and where you can email us directly.
  • Site search

At the top of every page you will see the Search tool. To Use the Search tool, enter one or two keywords that best describe your search. See Quick Search Tips (below) for more help. Then simply click on the search button, and a list of results that most closely match your keywords will be displayed.

  • Top Interest Areas - this is a section that will change frequently. Here you'll find information on the top interest areas of the day.
  • Shortcuts - these are direct links to some of our most requested pages.
  • Latest News - a listing of the most recent media releases and links directly to the News/media webpage.
  • Upcoming Events - a listing of upcoming events with direct links to specific events and a city calendar.

There are also links at the foot of the home page:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Careers
  • Sitemap
  • Legal Notices

Landing Pages

The landing pages represent a navigation channel of content that has been identified as related information at a very high level. Each navigation channel, landing page, and web pages within this channel are identified by a specific colour to help users identify what area of the website they are in:

  • Our Community - red
  • City Services - dark blue
  • City Hall - silver
  • Business - light blue
  • Visitors – green

Sub-Navigation Menus (Left-hand side of page)

On the left of all landing pages you will see a navigation bar showing the pages for that section. Use these menus to see all the pages of relevant information for that section.

Site Search - Quick Search Tips

The search tool appears at the top of every page in the web site. To begin a search of website, simply type in one or more keywords. Searches are not case-sensitive (it doesn't matter whether you capitalize words or not). Try to choose keywords that best describe what you are searching for.

Remember that every word on a page is indexed, so try to choose a word that will be fairly specific to your area of interest. If matches to your search are found, a list of matching pages will be displayed.

Once you submit the search, a list of pages containing your query will appear. The results will be ranked with the highest scoring pages listed first. Pages are given a "score" by the search engine according to how often and where the query word occurs. For example, a word in a page title will score higher than a word in the page text.  Generally, a higher-scoring page is more likely to be relevant to your search.