The lush forests that surround Kimberley make a beautiful setting for our community. But forests come with a risk of wildfire, especially in dry seasons. The City of Kimberley has prepared a Community Wildfire Plan to help keep us safe from forest fires.

The City of Kimberley lies at the boundary of two fire regimes:

  1. The frequent, low-severity fire regime that characterizes open, dry ponderosa pine grassland ecosystems; and
  2. The frequent, but mixed-severity, fire regime that characterizes the foothills of the east slope of the Purcell Mountains.

The term ‘fire regime’ refers to the nature of fire occurring over long periods of time and reflects the fire environment (weather, fuels and topography. The temporal component used to define a fire regime is linked to distinct climatic characteristics and the vegetation communities associated with them. This constant in the definition of fire regimes is used to associate the connection of fire to specific vegetation composition and climate/weather variables.  

For more information, please download Kimberley’s Community Wildfire Plan. Please note that these are very large files and may take a few minutes to download.

Kimberley Community Wildfire Plan Phase I

Kimberley Community Wildfire Plan Phase II

Kimberley Community Wildfire Plan Phase III