Mark Creek Flume: Stream Rehabilitation & Naturalization Project

Kimberley is fortunate to have a healthy, abundant source of water – Mark Creek – that is large enough to serve the needs of the entire community. Mark Creek flows right through downtown Kimberley, and many residences and businesses are located very close to its banks. Each year during spring freshet – the period of high water resulting from snow melt and increased precipitation – the creek rises significantly, posing a threat of flooding. Following a devastating flood in 1948, in which many homes and entire streets were lost or damaged, the City undertook the straightening and armouring of the channel through town. Approximately 400 meters of the channel was encased in an open concrete flume.

Work began in 2012 to replace the old flume structure and rehabilitate and naturalize the Mark Creek channel.  The progress of the 2015 flume work can be seen in this timelapse video:


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Mark Creek Flume Project Timelapse 2 - 2015

Another timelapse of the Flume project from a different angle. It's a little easier to see the new flume channel coming together n this one!

Posted by City of Kimberley on Friday, October 9, 2015

Click here for additional information about the project, including technical reports and historical photos of the creek.