Corporate Administration

The Corporate Administration Department ensures that Council is provided with relevant information from City staff, committees, and the general public. It provides the public with information related to activities of Council, ensures meeting and agenda material is complete and provides Council with the necessary information for decision making. It is responsible for the preparation of bylaws and agreements and the maintenance of the City's policy manual. Corporate Administration also executes legal documents and responds to correspondence and inquiries.

In addition, the department caries out procedures for local government elections as required under the provisions of the Community Charter, and administers Freedom of Information requests.

Administrative Services works closely with the Mayor and Council to ensure that Council's decisions and directives are acted upon and carried out, and to ensure that statutory requirements are met. The department also provides administrative and information services to Council, committees and commissions, City departments and the residents of Kimberley.

The Corporate Administration team consists of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Corporate Officer (CO), the Deputy Corporate Officer (DCO) and the Administrative Assistant.

The CAO is appointed by Council to implement policies and manage the day-to-day operations of the City. The CAO is Council’s primary point of contact to other staff. The CAO leads and directs the senior management team, ensuring that Council is provided with reports and information as required in order that Council may make informed decisions on matters as they arise.

The CAO is responsible for ensuring that Council’s Strategic Goals and Priorities are always in the forefront when decision making.

The City of Kimberley’s Interim Chief Administrative Officer is Jim Hendricks.

The Corporate Officer is also appointed by Council and carries out statutory responsibilities as outlined in the Community Charter.  The CO drafts bylaws and policies, conducts municipal elections, oversees preparation of Council agendas, oversees the City’s records management program and is responsible for managing requests for information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The CO is also responsible for supervising the Bylaw Enforcement Officer, including Animal Control.

The City of Kimberley’s Corporate Officer is Maryse Leroux. 

The Deputy Corporate Officer carries out statutory responsibilities as outlined in the Community Charter. The DCO prepares Council agendas, takes minutes at Council meetings, manages the Council Calendar and assists with municipal elections. Also, the DCO is responsible for processing Freedom of Information requests and supervising the Administrative Assistant.

The City’s Deputy Corporate Officer is Vicki Lucas.

The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to the Mayor, the CAO, the Corporate Officer, and the Deputy Corporate Officer. The Assistant maintains schedules and informs Council of upcoming events. The Assistant is responsible for the implementation of the records management programs and compiles materials for Freedom of Information requests

The City's Administrative Assistant is Jasmine Nelson. 

Department Contacts:

Jim Hendricks 
Phone 250-427-9650

Maryse Leroux
Phone 250-427-9659

Vicki Lucas        
Phone 250-427-9658 

Jasmine Nelson        
Phone 250-432-1334 


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Freedom of Information (FOI) requests

These requests are handled by the City’s Corporate Administration Office.

Start by making an informal request by contacting the department that you think might possess the information you require. If the information you are applying for is not routinely available by the department, an official FOI Request for Records form must be completed in writing. E-mails are acceptable and can be sent to the email below.  Please specify whether you want to receive copies of the records or to view the records in person. Deliver, mail, fax, or e-mail your FOI request form to the following recipient:

FOI Coordinator
City of Kimberley, 340 Spokane Street, Kimberley BC  V1A 2E8
Phone: 250.427.5311
Fax: 250.427.5252


Freedom of Information (FOI) fees

The Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FOIPPA) (link to states that the City may charge fees for the costs of providing applicants with records. Commercial applicants must pay the actual cost of providing the service. Non-commercial applicants must pay $7.50 per quarter hour, after the first three hours, for locating, retrieving and preparing records for disclosure. Additional fees such as photocopying and shipping also apply. If there are costs involved in processing a formal request, we will provide an estimate before processing your application.

Please click here to access the City of Kimberley Bylaw's and Bylaw Enforcement page.