Curbside Recycling is Coming to Kimberley!

The City of Kimberley is excited to introduce our new Curbside Recycling Program. In partnership with Recycle BC, we look forward to diverting waste from the landfill and minimizing our impact on the environment. Check out this brief Q&A on the program and watch this page over the coming months for key dates and roll-out information.

When is curbside recycling coming to Kimberley?

We will begin curbside collection on August 31st, 2021. Recycling carts will be delivered to homes in early August.

What can I recycle?

Allowable materials will include packaging and printed paper including newspapers, boxboard packaging, cardboard, plastic bottles, jars and jugs, plastic or paper take-out cups, bowls and lids, and metal cans. 

Residents will still be required to bring glass, foam packaging, plastic and lined plastic bags, and hazardous materials to the recycling depot.

Learn about accepted and unaccepted materials HERE or search Recycle BC's Waste Wizard

Are all Kimberley residents included in curbside collection? Can I opt out?

The City will be collecting recycling from 3,122 single-family residential homes. Multi-unit residential properties will be required to manage their own recycling. Residents cannot opt out of the program. 

Is there a fee?

Recycling fees are anticipated to be $12/year per household. 

When will my cart be delivered?

240-litre collection carts will be delivered in early August. All carts come with a serial number that directly corresponds to your house. Please record your serial number as it will help identify your cart if lost. There is no need to write your address on the cart. If you move, please leave your cart with the house.

Where do I place my cart for pick-up?

Similar to garbage cart placement, general rules for cart placement include:

  • Place cart wheels against the curb without impeding roadways or bike lanes with arrows on lid pointing to the street
  • Leave at least 1 meter or 3 feet of space around your cart
  • Keep the carts away from any barriers including cars, poles and utility boxes
  • If you have no sidewalk or curb, please place the cart on gravel shoulder with the arrows on the lid facing the street
  • If you experience difficulties, please report to Lightship at or call Operations at 250-427-9660

Please watch this page for updates leading up to cart delivery and collection. If you have any questions, you can call City Operations at 250-427-9660.