Campfires Prohibited in City of Kimberley and All Southeast Fire Centre


UPDATE, August 31, 2022: 

Campfires to be permitted in the Southeast

Effective at 1:00 pm MST on Friday, September 2, 2022, campfires will be allowed in the Southeast Fire Centre. The current prohibition against any open fire larger than a campfire (i.e., larger than 0.5 metres wide by 0.5 metres high) remains in effect throughout the Southeast Fire Centre.


Effective immediately, campfires are prohibited throughout the Southeast Fire Centre's jurisdiction including within the City of Kimberley in order to prevent human-caused wildfires and protect public safety.

Hot and dry conditions are expected to continue throughout the region. The fire danger rating in the region is generally High to Extreme. 

This cancels all City of Kimberley issued backyard fire permits. Permits will be re-instated once the fire ban is lifted. 

Effective immediately, the following activities are prohibited:

  • Campfires as defined in the Wildfire Regulation;
  • Category 2 open fires as defined in the Wildfire Regulation;
  • Category 3 open fires as defined in the Wildfire Regulation;
  • Fireworks;
  • Sky lanterns, burn barrels or burn cages of any size or description;
  • Air curtain burners;
  • Binary exploding targets;
  • Tiki and similar kinds of torches; and,
  • The use of chimineas, outdoor stoves and other portable campfire apparatuses that are not CSA-approved or ULC-approved.