City Bylaw Update - Keep up the great work, Kimberley!


The City of Kimberley Emergency Operations Centre would like to commend the community for respecting the measures enacted to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 threat.  The City’s Bylaw Enforcement Officer reports that the community overall is observing safe physical distancing and refraining from using City of Kimberley parks and playgrounds.  The Officer also reports that to date there have been only a few physical distancing issues and that businesses are ensuring that their workers and patrons are safe. 

All other bylaws are still in effect and will continue to be enforced including leash and parking bylaws.  Please leash up to protect our pets. Please pay attention to parking signage. Doing so will ensure emergency vehicles unimpeded access to those in need and allow them to keep our community safe.  

As we head into the Easter weekend, let’s continue to flatten the curve. Stay home, practise physical distancing and wash your hands. Let's all keep up the great work