No Public Remembrance Day Ceremony


The City of Kimberley would like to remind residents that due to Covid-19 safety measures, there is no public Remembrance Day service this year. However, Kimberley families can still participate. The Veterans only service will be broadcast on the Kimberley Bulletin Facebook page and again at 8:00 p.m. on Shaw Cable. Find all of the details in the information provided by the Military Ames below:

Military Ames will be hosting a small Remembrance Day Service on November 11. In accordance with the law we cannot have more than 50 people present. We are reserving those spaces for our Veterans and their spouses. We would like to encourage our Veterans to come out. There will be distanced seating available. As always it is so honouring to have the public in attendance and although we are discouraging that this year it is very important to us that we include you so we will be offering our Service live on Facebook via the Kimberley Bulletin Facebook page, and will also have a much better version at 8:00 pm, Nov. 11 at Also, at 8:00 pm on Shaw Cable TV and the Shaw website. Although this will be a very different Service, it will be done with the upmost respect, and promises to be a Remembrance Day to remember. After the Service the Kimberley Veteran Memorial Park will remain set up for all to wander through until 7:00 pm and Military Ames urges all to do so. **Wreaths can be put in front of City Hall (there will be a sign) on Nov 9 and 10th from 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. They will be taken inside and displayed on the morning of November 11. You are then welcome to pick them up later in the day. If your name is on them, you will be on the announcement list. Lest We Forget.