City Seeking Final Input on Active Transport Plan


In the fall of 2020, the City of Kimberley launched a request for public feedback into what would become the City’s Active Transportation Network Plan (ATNP). The plan will guide decision making around ways to improve walking, cycling and other modes of active transport in our community. Since that time, staff, and consulting firm Urban Systems, have been working diligently to incorporate that feedback. The result is a robust ATNP for the City of Kimberley that includes 75 recommendations.

Prior to finalizing the plan, the ATNP team is seeking final input from the public to gauge if there is anything we missed. Residents and visitors can view the plan and recommendations online here:

Recommendations are separated into several categories including amenities, advocacy, infrastructure, policy, and service and operations improvements. Each category has several tactics that can be undertaken to improve residents and visitors ability to get around using active transport.

The online form will accept feedback until February 17th, 2021. The team thanks all those who are able to view the plan and provide comment and look forward to presenting the final plan to the public in early spring.