City Upgrading Outdoor Rinks Ahead of Winter Season


City Crews will be conducting upgrades to the outdoor rink in Townsite (Lois Creek Rink) beginning this week. Improvements include replacing old chain link fencing with new safety netting, rebuilding arena boards, painting, and crack sealing the playing surfaces.

Maintenance will also begin soon on the Swan Avenue outdoor rink. Improvements will include the installation of safety netting to keep play equipment away from the road and nearby houses.  

“We want to provide people with lots of options for outdoor play as we know that’s the safest place to recreate. The rinks will be good options for getting outside," said Brett Clark, Manager of Parks and Facilities.  “We will put a call out later in the fall for volunteers to help support rink maintenance. Watch for that announcement coming soon.”

For more information, contact Brett Clark, Manager of Parks and Facilities at 250-427-9671 or by email at