City of Kimberley Presents Inaugural Volunteer Award to Jack Ratcliffe


Kimberley City Council will recognize the outstanding volunteer efforts of Jack Ratcliffe at tonight’s Council Meeting. Mr. Ratcliffe is the inaugural award recipient and namesake of the ‘Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community Award’, an award that will honour a person or group of people who is making or has made a significant contribution to Kimberley through their time, actions, dedication and talents. The award will be presented yearly to an individual or individuals who selflessly enhance the quality of life for the community, qualities that Mr. Ratcliffe has demonstrated since the early 1970’s until his retirement just weeks ago.

In addition to an extensive career with Cominco and lifelong volunteer work with the United Church, Jack has over 59 years of service to his community and counting. Jack spent 29 years on City Council, many of those serving as Chair of Finance and Administration Committees. He selflessly donated his remuneration as a City councillor to charity. Jack served as Director, and in many cases Treasurer, on many boards including Kimberley and Nelson School Boards, Kimberley Ski and Summer Resort Society, Kimberley Community Skills Centre, McKim Theatre Society, Pines Special Care Society, Kimberley Public Library, BC Winter Games, Chamber of Commerce, and most recently served as Treasurer of the Health Centre Society and the Kimberley Community Development Society. Jack was also an Air Cadets Commanding Officer and Coach of high school basketball and softball!

Jack truly exemplifies what it means to contribute. While raising 6 kids, he and his wife, Rose, have been giving back to Kimberley for many decades. Council is thrilled to present this year’s Commitment to Community award to Jack and is proud that his name will forever be associated with volunteerism in Kimberley. Residents are invited to watch the livestream YouTube video here: or can click the same link to watch anytime after.

The Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community Award will be presented once a year. Award winners will have made a significant impact on the community through extensive volunteer time commitments and contributed talent, energy and skills to support community growth, visibility and/or opportunities. They must be a resident(s) of Kimberley (no age restriction); and must have made a long-term commitment to the community (at least 3 years)

Award recipients will have their name engraved on the “Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community” plaque placed in City Hall; they will receive an award; and they will be able to make a donation of $500 to their registered not-for-profit or incorporated charity of their choice. Jack Ratcliffe has chosen the Kimberley United Church as his charity of choice for the 2020 donation.