Wastewater Treatment Plant Dewatering May Temporarily Increase Odours


City Contractors will begin dewatering biosolids this week in efforts to reduce existing stockpiles at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. While this process may temporarily cause increased odours in the area, it will dramatically reduce odours in the future as well as ensure the plant is compliant with Ministry of Environment permit requirements.

The process involves placing biosolids into holding containers where they will stay until all liquid has been removed. The liquid will be returned to the wastewater treatment plant for treatment and the dried bio-solids will be trucked to the Central Subregion Landfill in Fort Steele.  

The City used to compost biosolids but a recent amendment to the operating permit no longer allows for this process. As a result, the City has terminated all on-site composting activities and the bio-solids build-up has been causing odour issues in the area. The dewatering program will help mitigate these issues in the future.

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