Marysville School Active Transportation Project Set to Begin


The City of Kimberley is excited to announce that the next active transportation improvement project will take place on 309th Ave between 304th Street and 307th Street and adjacent to Marysville Elementary School beginning Monday, July 10, 2023.

The project will focus on enhancing the infrastructure around Marysville School to ensure a safer environment for students who walk or bike to school. The improvements will include the installation of sidewalks and curb extensions, improved accessibility, and installation of signage and street markings to improve safety in the vicinity of the school.

During construction, the City will work diligently to minimize disruptions to the neighbourhood. Traffic management plans will help ensure the smooth flow of vehicles and pedestrians, while alternative routes and detours will be clearly marked. The project will be complete prior to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

By implementing these measures, the City of Kimberley aims to create a more accessible and secure active transport network, encouraging students and residents to choose alternative modes of transportation for their daily commute. This initiative aligns with the City's Active Transportation Network Plan and its vision to foster a healthier and more environmentally friendly community.

This project was made possible by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – Active Transportation Infrastructure Grant program. For project updates, please visit our website