City Considers Zoning Bylaw Changes to Support Housing Availability and Affordability


City Council provided first reading to Bylaw No. 2722 at their June 27th meeting as an initial step to consider amendments to several sections of Zoning Bylaw No. 1850. The proposed amendments are focused on supporting the most widespread potential for development of additional dwelling units throughout the community. Generally, the proposed changes will allow for increased diversification of housing types, forms and sizes throughout the community by amending principal building types, setbacks, site coverage, and height regulations.

The primary residential R-1, R-2, and R-3 zones are proposed to be altered to allow for an increase range of allowable housing units throughout most neighbourhoods in Kimberley. The proposed residential zone amendments will allow for the creation of smaller parcels with a greater amount of lot coverage and increased height to improve flexibility for the development of additional homes.

The types of dwelling units that are allowable in the R-1 zone is proposed to be expanded to also allow for duplex dwellings, while the range of allowable dwellings in the R-2 zone are proposed to be expanded to allow single, duplex and multiple unit dwellings of up to six principal dwelling units, with provisional allowances of up to ten-unit buildings in instances where an affordable housing agreement is established. Allowances for accessory dwelling units are also proposed to be expanded in both the R-1 and R-2 zones. The maximum allowable building heights in R-1 and R-2 residential zones are proposed to be increased for duplex and multiple unit dwellings to 12m (39.4 ft.). The R-3 zone is proposed to be amended by removing the limit on allowable number of units, reducing the setback requirements, reducing the minimum lot size, and increasing the maximum allowable height.  The two primary commercial C-1 and CP-1 zones are also proposed to be amended to allow for additional building height.

Other proposed amendments include:

  • Allowance for extra building height and floor space ratio (a measure of building size allowance in relation to lot size) where affordable housing agreements are in place.
  • A reduction to parking space requirements to 1 space per dwelling unit.
  • Landscaping requirements for all properties.
  • The addition of retaining wall regulations to align with the Alpine Zoning area.
  • A standardization of fence height allowances alongside intersection safety measures.
  • The modernization of language throughout the zoning bylaw to provide clarity and enforceability.

City staff have launched an engagement campaign to ensure resident voices are heard and will be seeking feedback over the coming weeks. A Housing Availability and Affordability webpage has been launched on Engage Kimberley, where residents can review and provide feedback on the proposed zoning changes. Following a second reading of the bylaw, a public hearing will also be scheduled prior to Council considering the bylaw for final approval. Feedback can also be submitted to or in writing at City Hall.