The Importance of Physical Distancing on City Trails


City staff is pleading with the community to practice physical distancing when using pathways and trails in Kimberley. While we understand the importance of getting out for air and exercise, it is imperative that residents maintain at least a 2m distance from those around them. The City continues to observe and receive reports in opposition to this public health measure.

The City is also receiving many reports of off-leash dogs. In some instances, unleashed dogs have required owners to chase them and break the 2m boundary required by provincial order. Dogs MUST be on a leash within Kimberley unless they are in one of our designated off-leash areas. These areas include the Kimberley Nature Park, Lois Creek Trails and the Marysville off-leash area. Maps to these areas can be found here:….

We have also had reports of cyclists not complying with physical distancing. We are imploring cyclists to notify pedestrians of their presence in advance of passing them to allow maintenance of the 2m requirement. Slow down and use a bell or your voice to let other trail users know you are coming.

Signs will be placed at entry points to local trails in the coming days. The City understands the importance of getting outside but will have to recommend closing our trails if we cannot get compliance on physical distancing issues.