City Encouraging Residents to Take Spring Run-off and Wildfire Safety Precautions


City Staff are encouraging residents to consider using their time at home to plan ahead for potential wildfire and flooding challenges. Spring flooding and wildfire are annual threats and this is a great time to learn about the risks and to prepare in advance.

Freshet, or spring run-off, is the period of time typically between April - July when mountain snow packs melt, causing creeks to rise. Weather events such as rain and/or rising temperatures can elevate the potential for flooding in some parts of Kimberley. Residents can take measures now to help reduce possible damage to their property that may be caused by flooding. It is also important to take safety precautions around rising creeks and ensure children are keeping a safe distance from the water.

On the other hand, if it remains dry, our risk of wildfire increases. Prolonged periods of low or no rain events can cause drought conditions in our surrounding forests. Lightning strikes become common with elevating temperatures and that has the potential to trigger forest fires in our area. This is a great time to practice Firesmart activities by removing old brush and debris from your property and to look at ways of reducing fire damage. Please remember that if you are planning any tree removal on City property, you will need to apply for a permit. For more information, contact the Operations Department at 250-427-9660 or email

Resources on the Firesmart program and tips to reduce flood damage can be found on the City’s website at this link:

Another issue we face yearly is changes to the City’s water quality. In order to ensure Kimberley residents have the safest drinking water possible, staff test our water at the source and post results on the City’s website each week day. Spring run-off often causes the turbidity index, or cloudiness in the water, to rise. If turbidity exceeds acceptable levels, this can result in a water quality advisory or a boil water notice being issued. We will be sure to inform the public if that happens this spring. For more information on the City’s Water Quality Index, visit the shortcuts sections of the City’s home page at