Role of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer


On March 26, 2020, Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Officers received orders from the Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General to provide assistance “as may be required for the purposes of enforcing public health orders.” But what does that mean exactly? City staff aim to clarify this role for the public.

Bylaw Officers are expected to monitor facilities and areas that have been closed by the City and/or public health orders; they can provide warnings, information and advice to businesses and members of the public in respect to public health orders or to those in contravention of an order; and can pass on information of any contraventions to Public Health Officers. Bylaw Enforcement Officers have not been given orders to detain individuals or to issue fines or penalties to individuals or businesses suspected of not following a public health order.

For example, if the Bylaw Enforcement Officer observes a contravention to a public health order such as a large gathering of people or individuals hanging out at a public playground, they are able to speak with the individuals and offer education and/or warnings to them. They must then report the contravention to the Public Health Authority for follow-up if required.

The City of Kimberley Bylaw Enforcement Officer is on-duty and assisting with enforcement of Provincial Health Orders by regularly visiting parks and facilities that have been closed to the public and ensuring local restaurants and personal services businesses are following directions, as well as providing education on the importance of physical distancing.

If a member of the public has bylaw enforcement concerns, they are asked to please call 250-427-9663 or email the City Bylaw Enforcement Officer at

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Further details on Ministerial Order No. M082 issued March 26, 2020 are available here: