Parks and Facilities Master Plan Engagement Continues


UPDATE: September 5, 2023 - The Resident Survey is now available. Check your mailbox for your households unique access code, click the link above and fill it out today! Details on our upcoming Open House will be available soon. 

Didn't get the postcard in the mail? Are you a resident or visitor who would still like to have your say on Parks and Facilities in Kimberley? Complete the Non-Coded Survey!

The City of Kimberley is launching the engagement phase for the development of its Parks and Facilities Master Plan. This plan aims to enhance and improve the city's parks, recreational facilities and infrastructure, ensuring that they meet the needs and aspirations of the Kimberley community now and into the future.

The City of Kimberley recognizes the importance of public input in shaping the development of our parks and facilities. To gather valuable insights from residents, we are implementing a multi-faceted engagement approach. While a comprehensive survey is planned for the fall, we invite all community members to participate in the initial phase by sharing their ideas and suggestions at   

One of the primary ways to participate is an interactive online map where residents can drop a pin to mark places they believe are great, areas that require improvement, or potential locations for new infrastructure. This innovative tool provides geographically specific feedback, helping us better understand the needs and desires of our diverse community. Residents can also share general ideas on the Engage Kimberley page rather than using the interactive map. Residents can also share their feedback on sounding boards placed at the Kimberley Aquatic Centre and at pop-up locations throughout the summer.

The engagement phase will also include targeted outreach to community organizations, sports clubs, schools, and other stakeholders to ensure a wide range of perspectives are considered. The City will actively seek input from individuals with varying backgrounds and interests to create a plan that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all residents. Stay tuned for information about community-wide open houses and more formal stakeholder roundtables coming in September. 

Following the engagement phase, all data and feedback will be analyzed to develop a Parks and Facilities Master Plan that aligns with the community's vision and values. The plan will outline a roadmap for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of our parks and facilities over the next decade.

The City of Kimberley invites all residents to participate actively in this important process. Together, we can create a Parks and Facilities Master Plan that promotes a healthy, active lifestyle and fosters a strong sense of community pride.

To share your ideas, please visit