An Update from Mayor McCormick


We are making a difference!!

The media update from our Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry reinforced that the hygiene and physical distancing measures we are taking are indeed making a difference. As good as this is, we are not close to being on the other side yet. Rather than risk complacency, we need to double down.

It is NOT the risk of getting infected that is driving this, it is eliminating each of us as carriers that infect others – in particular the most vulnerable of our residents. In Kimberley, that is about 2,000 people, so EVERYONE needs to take this seriously.

It would be naïve to think that we do not have the virus here. It is not showing up in our seniors residences or care homes and we need to keep it that way. I am so impressed with the leadership of Dr. Henry and the rest of the BC Health team. They are using real data from other countries who went through this first to inform planning and make critical decisions…no guessing. We must continue to trust their orders and direction.

• Keep a physical distance of 2 metres or more if you must be out;
• Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water frequently;
• **Stay Home**

Doing this will produce a positive outcome for Kimberley, which is all we can control.

Be attentive for those who may need help…with groceries, meds refills, or whatever. Many people do not have family close by, so let’s practice neighbors helping neighbors as best we can.

I want to recognize our CAO Scott Sommerville, his senior managers and all of the staff at the City of Kimberley. You see a continuance of City services that appears business as usual; it is anything but. Staff are still out performing their duties, but with modified shifts and work practices to maintain a healthy workforce.

Many of our local businesses have closed their doors temporarily, but many others are either essential services or adapting to safe online, pickup or takeout services. Please do your best to support them.

Interior Health has assigned a liaison to the City who will provide consistent information and communication between Interior Health and the City of Kimberley. This is great because it allows us to stay out of their way and focus on the core services we provide to you.

I am sensing a shift in the news reporting as more real data is available, although there are still too many sensational headlines for my liking. Stay informed, but do not watch the news all day…it is not good for our mental health. I find that the morning conferences from the Prime Minister and from the BC Health team are all that is necessary to be informed. You will make your own choices, but please do not overdose.

Best estimates to see tangible results for our efforts are about 2 more weeks. Stay informed; stay calm; be supportive…and we will successfully ride this out!