Request for Expressions of Interest - Development of 505-4th Ave


Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI)


Development of 505 -  4th Avenue (“Townsite Garage”)

Closing Date and Time: 4:00 PM MST on April 30th, 2021

Submit Expressions of Interest via Email only to:

Scott Sommerville, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Kimberley, 


This Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI) is an invitation from the City of Kimberley to developers interested in constructing multi-family residential units at 505 – 4th Avenue in Kimberley, BC.

The subject property has excellent access with frontage on three streets: 4th Avenue, Tadanac Boulevard, and 5th Avenue.  The property gently slopes from the north down to the south.  This 0.98 ha serviced site is in close proximity to the Kimberley Health Centre, and has excellent views of the Kimberley Alpine Resort. 

The subject property is a brownfield site due to its former industrial usage.  A Certificate of Compliance was issued for the eastern portion of the lot.  The western portion of the lot contains soil contamination as well as groundwater contamination related to an offsite source. A site disclosure statement will be shared with interested parties following contact with the City as listed below.


Since 2009, the City has owned the Lands for Townsite Garage (“the Lands”).  A portion of the Lands were formerly used as a mechanical service garage for the Sullivan Mine operations. Previous environmental assessment and remediation has resulted in the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance for the eastern portion of the property.

Lot Particulars:

The Lands have a civic address of 505 – 4th Avenue, Kimberley, BC, an area of approximately 0.98 hectares (2.41 acres), and are currently zoned Single and Two-Family residential (R-2).  The Lands are legally described as Lot 1, District Lot 2999, Kootenay District Plan 4043 Except Plan 8929. (PID: 015-067-131).  The lands will only be sold as a single site – east and west.

Property information can be found here:


The intent of this RFEOI is to obtain Expressions of Interest for the development of multi-family residential units, with a diverse mix of unit types, sizes, and tenure options to meet a wide range of housing needs for residents of different family types, life stages, and income levels.

Expressions of Interest:

Expressions of Interest must, at a minimum, provide the following information or address the following topics in no particular order:

  • Proposed purchase price and financial terms
  • Number of dwelling units to be created
  • Number of units meeting accessibility needs of seniors and people with disabilities
  • Number of units dedicated for below-market rental or affordable purchase price
  • Description of proponents experience with multi-family construction
  • Description of proponent’s experience with brownfield remediation
  • Conceptual site and architectural design, parking design, accessibility design
  • Contractual timeline for purchase and sale as well as construction

Evaluation Process:

Expressions of Interest will be assessed in accordance with the criteria noted above as encompassed in the table below. 

No agreement shall be entered into until the City complies with the mandatory requirements for disposition of an interest in land under the Community Charter and it shall be a term of any transaction that City Council will approve a contract of purchase and sale for the lands, as well as any other documentation necessarily required to transfer an interest in the Lands.

Mandatory Requirements:

One emailed copy of the Expression of Interest must be received by the City’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) by the closing date and time set out on the first page. The CAO may extend the closing date and time or allow a Proposal to be considered after the closing date and time in the CAO's discretion if less than three (3) Expressions of Interest have been received by the closing date and time.

Desirable Criteria:

  • Financial Terms
  • Experience with multi-family developments
  • Experience with brownfield redevelopment
  • Design: # of units, # of rental units, parking, accessibility
  • Proposed Contractual Timeline and Construction Start

Expressions of Interest will be evaluated based on meeting the above desirable criteria, as described more fully in the Expressions of Interest section above.


While the City believes the information in this RFEOI is accurate, the information contained herein is supplied solely as a guideline for Proponents. The information is not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate by the City at this time, nor is it necessarily comprehensive or exhaustive. It is the Proponent's responsibility to understand all aspects of the RFEOI requirements. Should any details necessary for a clear and comprehensive understanding be required, it is the Proponent's responsibility to obtain clarification before submitting a Proposal.

Proposal Expenses

Proponents are solely responsible for their own costs and expenses with respect to their participation in this RFEOI, including but not limited to, preparing and submitting their proposal, presentations, demonstrations, site visits, interviews, meetings, and contract negotiations whether at the City or elsewhere.

Conflict of Interest

By submitting an Expression of Interest, the Proponent represents that it is not aware of any circumstances that would give rise to a conflict of interest that is actual or potential, in respect of the RFEOI process, except any expressly disclosed in the Proponent's Expression of Interest.


The City recognizes the proprietary nature of information that may be contained in response to this RFEOI. Proponents must clearly mark and identify those areas of their Expressions of Interest which contain confidential information. The City will not use or disclose such confidential information, except for the purposes of evaluating the Expressions of Interest submitted under this RFEOI, or as may be required by law, including but not limited to the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ("FIPPA"). Proponents shall keep confidential all information received from the City in connection with this RFEOI. Proponents shall not use the City's confidential information except as required to develop a Proposal in response to this RFEOI.

No Liability

By submitting an Expression of Interest, the Proponent shall be responsible for and shall indemnify the City, its officers, employees, elected officials, volunteers and agents associated with this RFEOI process, from all claims, loss and damages that relate to or arise out of errors, omissions or negligent acts relating to the RFEOI. This RFEOI does not give rise to any tendering law duties or any other legal obligations and the Proponent will have no right to make a claim against the City with respect to the award of a Contract, the failure to award a Contract, or the failure to engage the Proponent in a response to this RFEOI. The City reserves the right to reject any and all Expressions of Interest, to waive technical or legal deficiencies, to make such investigation as it deems necessary to evaluate a Proponent's qualifications, to accept any Proposal that may be deemed in the best interest of the City and to negotiate terms and conditions of any proposal leading to acceptance and final execution of the contract. The highest financial offer or any proposal may not be accepted.


Any questions related to this RFEOI may be addressed to:

Scott Sommerville, Chief Administrative Officer

City of Kimberley


Expressions of Interest will be received via email only until the closing date and time.