Nominations open for the Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community Award


The Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community Award was developed in 2020 to honour a person or persons who has made or is making a significant contribution to making Kimberley “A good place to be,” through their time, actions, dedication, and/or talents. Named after inaugural award recipient, Jack Ratcliffe, the award will be presented yearly to an eligible individual or individuals who selflessly enhance the quality of life for the community and its residents.


The yearly recipient(s) will meet the following criteria:

  • Made a significant impact on the community through extensive volunteer time commitments;
  • Contributed talent, energy and skills to support community growth, visibility and/or opportunities;
  • Must be a resident(s) of Kimberley (no age restriction);
  • Must have made a long-term commitment to the community (at least 3 years).

We are now accepting nominations for the 2021 Jack Ratcliffe Commitment to Community Award. If you would like to nominate a deserving individual, please complete the Commitment to Community Nomination Form