City Unveils New Esri Mapping Tool


The Engineering Department at the City of Kimberley has launched a new online mapping tool. Using the latest technology, the tool will change the way residents and the municipality interact with geographical data.

The new tool was built using software provided by the geographic information system (GIS) company Esri. It will allow residents, builders, and others to access and explore interactive maps and gain insight into zoning regulations, transportation routes, property information, and other local service data.

“We are glad to finally be revealing this technology to our community,” said City Project Manager Shane Castle. “The Esri mapping program provides an intuitive tool for residents to explore and understand their surroundings on an easy-to-access and up-to-date platform.”    

The new tool will also support multiple City departments, helping them make informed planning decisions, properly manage infrastructure, improve emergency response, and support analysis of spatial data.

The map replaces the previous Planning Information Portal, a custom-built solution that can no longer be updated. The change ensures that residents can access the most accurate information when needed.

The mapping tool can be found at or on the City’s website. The public is encouraged to explore the system and reach out with questions or comments to