City of Kimberley Will Conduct a Bathymetric Survey on Effluent Outfall


In preparation for the upcoming construction of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City of Kimberley will conduct a bathymetric survey on the effluent outfall near the existing Pollution Control Centre and into the St. Mary River.

What’s a bathymetric survey? It’s a survey of the riverbed to help us understand how the water flows through the channel. This will include releasing green dye into our existing systems to visually test how effluent mixes with the river.

The testing is scheduled for tomorrow, May 9th, and possibly again on Friday, May 10th.

Rest assured, the dye we're using is environmentally friendly and dissipates quickly, though residents and our neighbours downriver may notice the river turning bright green from the location of the outfall pipe (in red at the edge of the river as pictured).

We appreciate your understanding and support as we work to build our new wastewater treatment plant!